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German Language Course for Police Officers

MEPA Course at the German Police University

14. August 2023

Nine police officers from Eastern Europe are currently visiting the German Police University for a two-week subject-specific German course. Police-related print articles for vocabulary, lectures followed by discussions, short presentations: A varied and challenging program expands the already good German language skills of the officers from Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In their countries, they work in border protection, international cooperation, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex, and in the academic field of border police, among other things.

Visit at the Münster Police Headquarters

Exchanging ideas and networking with each other is at least as important as a good knowledge of the language. That's why the participants learn more about the legal and judicial systems as well as the areas of responsibility of the police forces in the countries of the Central European Police Academy ( (MEPA, which is the German abbreviation for "Mitteleuropäische Polizeiakademie") in theory. Last weekend, they visited the Münster Police Headquarters. There, Chief Superintendent Marius Gerdes showed them, among other things, the operations control and the police station and was available to answer questions.

Through the language course at the German Police University, the nine police officers are preparing for the special course "Cross-border cooperation in compensation measures as well as in border police tasks" of the MEPA, which will take place in the fall. MEPA is an educational institution jointly supported by Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. It designs and organizes training courses for middle-ranking police managers in the operational field of combating organized crime.