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Mission Statement

In co-operation with the Corporate Communication Institute of the Münster University of Applied Sciences, the university's mission statement was developed in a comprehensive participation process. The mission statement was continued in the profile of the university, which was followed by the university development plan

trend-setting, cosmopolitan, integrative, value-conscious

1) We are the university for senior police officers and the most important forum between science and practice for the discussion of police issues in Germany.

2) We play a decisive role in the systematic development of police science in research, teaching and studies and thus provide impetus for the improvement of police work.

Through the close integration of practice and theory, we facilitate comprehensive qualification and action competences of police managers.

4) We stand for a police that is open to the world, bound by values, and aware of its responsibilities in the democratic constitutional state, for freedom, security and public order.

We cooperate in partnership with educational and research institutions in the region, at home and abroad and emphatically promote a common European understanding of the police.

We see ourselves as a team, live a culture of quality and continuously develop ourselves and our university with the aim of achieving a top level in teaching, study, research and service.

Core Values

trend-setting, cosmopolitan, integrative, value-conscious