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Police Security Research Coordination Unit

Basics / Background

Due to the ever-changing phenomena of crime, the police have always been faced with new challenges that require ever faster responses. At the same time, foresighted action and strategic thinking are required to meet these new challenges. With the establishment of the Police Security Research Coordination Unit (KOST SiFo), these developments will be taken up by police research coordination and police actors will be supported in their research activities.

The central objectives of KOST SiFo are the creation of transparency within the police research community and the networking and coordination of research activities within the federal and state police actors. In addition, KOST SiFo continuously expands the exchange of knowledge and experience on the topics of police security research and supports the establishment of new research consortia in cooperation with research institutions, universities and companies.



Research Associate

Dr. Pia Nottebaum
Phone: +49 2501 806 712
Email: pia.nottebaumdhpolde

Email KOST SiFo: Kost-SiFodhpolde

Dr. Andreas Werner
Phone: +49 2501 806 710
Email: andreas.wernerdhpolde

Email KOST SiFo: Kost-SiFodhpolde