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Kost PolBiP

Coordination Office for Political Education and the Police


The Coordination Office for Political Education and the Police (KOST PolBiP) was set up to implement the development project on political education and the police sponsored by the Federal Centre for Political Education (BpB). The central objectives of this project consist in the supply and needs analysis of political education programmes for police officers at federal and state level as well as in the conceptual (further) development of practicable education and training courses ( seminars, workshops, training measures etc.) for police officers and their responsible education and training institutions. Moreover, apart from the police sector, these programmes shall also be adopted by non-police training institutions or serve as a “quarry” for their own work adaptable to the police target group.


Philipp Kuschewski
Phone: +49 2501 806 713
Email: philipp.kuschewskidhpolde
Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei

Koordinierungsstelle Politische Bildung und Polizei
Zum Roten Berge 18-24
48165 Münster


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