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The German Police University in Münster is an internal university, funded by the ministries and senators of the interior of Federal State and the Länder. It was founded on basis of an own law, the DHPolG, and serves for the further training of senior police officers.

One further milestone in the development of this specialized higher education institution with university status has been the accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities on 25 January 2013 after the foundation phase from 2008 had come to an end. The re-accreditation will be effected in 2018. The appointment of university professor Dr. Hans-Jürgen Lange for president on 1st July 2014 represents a further substantial step forward in the recent history of this higher education institution.  During the academic year of 2016/2017, 319 students have taken up their two-year Master studies in the field of ‘Public Administration – Police Management’.  Forecasts for the next years anticipate a constantly rising number of student intakes.


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