Department I: Leadership Sciences, Organisational and Administrative Sciences

Section I.1 Police Leadership

Section I.2 Business Administration and Police Public Management

Section I.3 Organisation and Human Resource Management in the Police

Section I.5 Administrative Sciences with Special Reference to Politics and Society

Research Centre I.6 Police History

Department II: Operational Management, Transport Sciences, Communication Studies

Section II.1 Management of Police Operations

Section II.2 Police Crisis Management

Section II.3 Serious Crime Management

Section II.4 Traffic Sciences & Traffic Psychology

Specialist Unit II.6 Ethics / Professional Ethics

Section II.5 Communication Science

Department III: Criminal Sciences, Law

Section III.1 Criminology and Interdisciplinary Crime Prevention

Section III.2 Criminalistics – Policy and Strategy

Section III.3 Criminalistics – Phenomenon Related Crime Strategies

Section III.4 Public Law with a Focus on Police Law

Section III.5 Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Crime Politics


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