100 Years of Police Education

Permanent Exhibition

Presentation of the educational history of the German police service - from monarchy to modern times

The exhibition on ‚100 Years of Police Education’ highlights the history of the German police educational training and development and hence the increasing professionalism in the police service. This is done in conjunction with the organisational history of police and the changes in police self conception. Both aspects are being presented in association with the ruling political circumstances. The exhibition is set up along four major eras which have been decisive for Germany’s history over the last 130 years: the times of the German Emperor, the Weimer Republic, the ‘Third Reich’ under Nazi control and the Federal Republic of Germany. Each of these ages is being introduced with large illustrations that provide the visitor with an idea of the existing police self conception in the various periods. The displayed uniforms and personal dispositions showed with the help of display dummies are very helpful to the visitor’s imagination.

All further information on this exhibition is only available in German.


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