Further Training

Training Courses for Senior Police Officers Representing the Federation or the Federal States

The further training courses delivered by the German Police University per year are published in a calendar of courses. This includes an average of 50 courses, 10 of which have an international dimension or have been designed to include international participants and speakers. This means that these courses are multilingual and that simultaneous interpretation is provided.

Further Training Design and Format

Police further training is a systematic and network operated continuation of police training and education. It has been determined under a common conceptual framework which – taking into account challenges of topical interest - is permanently developed and is implemented in detail and according to needs. Furthermore it is largely oriented to those educational, methodical and didactical policies that guide the German Police University. The regular interdisciplinary design of further training courses not only aims at strengthening, monitoring and enhancing police internal restructuring processes but also at supporting the integrated role of the police service in society. In addition to pure professional further training inputs, the attending delegates’ interpersonal and methodical skills and abilities are broadened and deepened.

Further Training Target Groups

Among the target groups of these courses are in particular police officers being in the senior police service and partly police officers from the intermediate police service, representing the Federation or one of the Federal states. Furthermore, courses and working sessions are designed for senior staff members in comparable functions of other states and – inter alia depending on course objectives and content – representatives from public law organisations, educational and research institutions, media companies or businesses.

Currently and on an annual basis, further training events are attended by about 3, 000 delegates, and figures show an upward trend. Among these, between 15 and 20 % are from abroad, and about 3 % represent non-police organisations and businesses.


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