The International Dimension (Abridged Version)

The Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei - DHPOL (hereinafter referred to as 'German Police University' or 'University') was entrusted to assure cooperation with research institutions from abroad and to share information and know-how with an international dimension. This is done in accordance with both the corresponding treaty and a number of complementary resolutions adopted by the German Conference of the Ministers and the Senators of the Interior.

International Relations Department

It is among the core responsibilities of the German Police University to maintain and deepen international relations. Close contacts have been established with comparable educational institutions and organisations from abroad. E.g. the AEPC (Association of European Police Colleges – www.aepc.net) organises meetings for the directors of European police training colleges on a regular basis. The AEPC enhances cooperation and coordination among the member institutions and beyond the EU. It supports e.g. the development of training schemes in South Eastern European states. Another essential networking activity which the German Police University is involved in is the European Police College CEPOL (Collège Européen de Police). The German Police University is the German contact point for the CEPOL network. By EU-Council decision CEPOL is an EU agency since 2006. CEPOL has been assigned with developing cross-border police cooperation in Europe. This is achieved by e.g. organising training activities and conferences within the scope of this network. Another field of activity is the support of police training in EU member states which is assured by developing harmonised police training curricula.

Furthermore, the German Police University is a member of the MEPA network (Middle European Police Academy – www.mepa.net). MEPA carries out special further training courses for senior police officers representing the eight Central European member states, particularly in the field of cross border organised crime. 

Within the scope of these institutional and further forms of bilateral cooperation, the German Police University offers senior police officers from abroad to take part in training and further training courses in Germany. Vice versa, this is applicable to German police officers wishing to carry out studies in European states and beyond.


International Relations Department

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