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Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis Symposium 2016

ECCA is an informal association of the leading international scholars in the fields of environmental criminology, crime science, situational crime prevention and problem-oriented policing. ECCA has no offices or membership dues. It meets each year in a different country to discuss the latest developments in theory, analysis techniques (including crime mapping), policing and crime prevention practice.

Dear ECCA-friend,

German Police University is proud to host this year´s ECCA-Symposium from June 20th (arrival day) until June 23rd (closing day for conference). As mentioned in my December mail, we are easily able to accommodate 100 people in single rooms and may have another 10 to 20 single rooms available, just in case.

Due to an increased number of recent ECCA attendees and quite a lot of recommendations by honored members or individual requests we have listed more than 140 people already. This number doesn´t include guest or sponsor seats.

So we kindly ask everybody who is interested in participating at this year´s ECCA-event, to send an e-mail to Laura, who is part of our organization-team

geschützte E-Mail-Adresse als Grafik

to get the access code for registration, detailed information and payment opportunities. The sooner we receive your mail the better it is for attendees and the organization-team.

We do hope you understand the chosen procedure for registration and we hope you´ll support this process by responding soon.

All the best

Klaus, Ralf and Laura

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